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Is Artificial Intelligence the future? Judging from the number and from the value of acquisitions occurred in the last years, the future is already here: 17,6 billion of dollars from the second quarter of 2012 to the second quarter of 2017 (expected value), according to CB Insights estimates.

During the period from 2016  to the first months of 2017, the value of the acquisitions of some Top Players of Information Technology and digital native firms is estimated by NEXTVALUE around 2,15 billion of dollars*. The amount expected is even higher, if we think to other deals signed by organizations as Facebook, Google, IBM or Microsoft in the same period, whose values were not publicly disclosed.

Interesting are also the developments of Artificial intelligence in Cybersecurity, where AI does not only represent a further factor of risk – for example think about cyber-attacks perpetrated on robotic and automated systems – but also an opportunity to identify predictive pattern and models as a defense against computer threats before they occur, thanks to Machine Learning algorithms. In fact, the lack of visibility is one of Cybersecurity’s biggest challenges that companies face today. For IT security teams, it is increasingly complex to see what is happening inside their IT infrastructures, as well as identifying potential threats, who accesses business data and what users do with this access. With a growing amount of data in the company, which makes their real-time analysis more and more complex for the human being, the speed of analysis provided by Machine Learning offers the ability to track and detect possible security incidents with great velocity.

*Monitored companies: Amazon, Apple, Cisco, Ford, Intel, Sophos, Twitter

NEXTVALUE monitors Digital Enabler (Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Big Data and Analytics, Internet of Things) and emerging trends (Artificial Intelligence, Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing Solutions, Simulation, Horizontal / Vertical Integration, Industrial Internet).