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In January 2017 Amazon Web Services acquired the startup Harvest.ai for about 20 million dollars. Harvest.ai uses Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to analyse users behavior related to the IP-Adress of a company. The main goal is to identify and stop any targeted attacks before data is stealed.

At the beginning of February, Hewlett Packard Enterprise signed the acquisition of Niara a California-based company specialized in user and entity behavioural analytics advanced solutions that can detect abnormal activities concealing potential threats.

Also in February, Invincea – a company offering advanced malware threat detection, network breach prevention and pre-breach forensic intelligence solutions – was acquired by British company Sophos for an estimated value of 100 million dollars. Invincea uses Machine Learning to develop an advanced endpoint protection solution. Sophos also showed an interest in the Irish start-up Barricade, which is specialized in Security Analytics.

Despite the attention on the theme, which can be also translated into monetary value, – more than 120 million dollars- at present Artificial Intelligence presents some limitation. First, the process of interaction and “learning” with human being is essential for the machines to continue improving their work, from the correction of false positives to the individuation of innovative cybercrime threats.

However, the interest among Over-the-top companies is still high. If, thanks to the greater possibilities offered by AI, cyber-attacks will become more targeted and automated, responding and preventing using the same weapon will become the most common practice.

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