About us

Our Customers are the Information Technology and Digital Media major players and the Investors focused on these markets. They recognize us the added value of being able to explore and interpret the strategy and the experience of their companies in the difficult process of Digital Transformation and to provide them programs, insights, contents and online resources to face this journey successfully.

Our mission is to share their business goals, to improve their customer experience, to create opportunities of engagement with their customer decision makers and to facilitate the progressive formation of trusted relationships with them. Our most important asset is the exclusive community of CIOs (CIONET Italy, the most important international business community of Chief Information Officers from Top and Medium Large Enterprises), IT Managers, CISOs and CSOs, Heads of Digital and Heads of eCommerce of the biggest spenders.

It is an asset with a very high return on investment, which pays for the high reputation and credibility of programs such as the INSIGHTS, the Digital Waves, the WORKSHOPS, and the Companies to Watch. All our services are based on the process of crowdsourcing, which springs by the very members of the business communities. A process that would not produce results if they would not recognize us a proven independence of judgment, the needed experience and expertise on the innovation issues, proven ability and strict transparency, high quality standards and full compliance with ethical values, that is, all the distinctive elements of our corporate culture.


IT Decision Makers from Top and Large Enterprises accounting for the 62% of Italian IT investments adhere to the business communities of NEXTVALUE









What we do


Original research program on emerging trends and new competitive scenarios arising from Digital Transformation.


Unique and exclusive opportunities to meet decision makers and executives, sharing experiences and best practices directly from the voice of the protagonists of the digital world.


Customised Reports and Insights to increase visibility and engagement with decision makers from end-user companies.


The program highlights the best and most innovative companies that were able to make of Digital Transformation their core business.


NEXTVALUE sustains AVIS MILANO adopting the project B2Blood as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Program
(BUSINESS to Blood).