CIONET Is the first Business Community of CIO and Digital Leaders of the Top and Medium Big companies, with over 6000 members in EU and Latin America which 500 of them are located in Italy.

The community is the privileged channel where NEXTVALUE conducts its own primary research activity of the Top and Medium Big companies in Italy. All our reports are about emergent technologies and digital enablers from the IT Demand point of view, originated from relevant data using direct interviews, conducted on CIO and IT Directors panels of the CIONET Italian community.


We have conduct the first research in EU about the Digital Transformation

491 CIO and CxO in EU have joined to the first international research panel of the Digital Transformation.

“Digital Transformation in Europe. What’s next” is the first research conducted in Europe about the level of digital maturity of the principal organizations in EU.

The research was conducted by NEXTVALUE on a European panel composed by 491 CIO and IT Directors of the Top and Big Medium companies of the International CIONET community. The research was guided using three different fundamental analyses directives: People, Processes and Technologies.

The result: these three key-components – people, processes and technologies – could found their synthesis on the Maturity Mold, that introduce and define a unique measurable parameter of the “art status” of the Digital Transformation in EU. (Report only available in English).