The paradigm proposed by Parallaksis enables to solve quickly and with limited investments the problems of collaboration and integration within the company, thanks to a SaaS and Web based logic, perfectly in line with the change of power in the IT market. Collaboration Desktop is a flexible, scalable platform, which puts data at the center of cross-functional collaboration processes that allows data integration among competing solutions.

Parallaksis offers a broad suite of applications and integration solutions in the fields of Research & Development, Engineering, Project Management and Facility Management, offering customizable solutions both to the needs of large companies and to the reality of smaller dimensions entities that characterize the Italian landscape.

Parallaksis growth strategy is based on diversifying its offering through a new cycle if investments in developing its solutions and increasing its market penetration through the consolidation of its vital network of partnerships and the expansion into international markets (strategic focus for 2016), starting with increase the strategic business presence in Germany, France and the United Kingdom.





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