Our Clients recognize us the ability to identify and sometimes anticipate the main trends in IT. Along with them we build custom programs, formats and original contents to enhance their brand visibility on target markets, and make business development more effective in the following areas:

The over 5,000 CxOs of end-user companies in our exclusive network are the traditional interlocutors of our primary and secondary research activities – which we make available to our clients.

The value of our content is also ensured by a system of relationships outside the traditional IT silos, created and developed by leading professionals in their respective fields (legal, tax, notary, academic …). 

We have an active link also with Leaders outside the IT field, to offer our clients a 360 degree view on the impacts of technological paradigms at all level of the organization.


Innovative content on IT Transformation trends with the contribution of our non-IT professional network to promote the overcoming of the traditional silos organizational division, nowadays mostly widespread among the various functions and corporate figures. Read Cybersecurity, the word to Lawyers

WHY to connect our client’s brand with original content that provides the CXO’s valuable guidelines outside of their silos.



Document which highlights the value proposition and successful case study of our client, realized with or without the support of a primary research. The unique and independent output content is branded NEXTVALUE and released under the “Powered by” formula.

WHY sales tools clients can entrust to their partner network to qualify selling proposition and make business development actions more effective.


Primary research conducted in collaboration with CIONET Italia on the issues of IT Transformation. Client’s brand visibility within the INSIGHT report, a presentation event of the main findings and the resulting networking activities.

WHY to send a direct message, supported by the evidence of data, to the purchasing decision makers who view the survey report and / or attend the presentation event.


High-profile round table discussions among the protagonists of Digital Transformation in Italy, reserved for a limited audience of decision-makers of end-user companies and organized in collaboration with our clients.

WHY to participate to the workshop, to engage relationships with CxOs and IT managers and for the resulting networking activities with them.