1. Direct Interview
On a panel of CIOs and CxOs of end-user Top and Middle-large enterprises in Italy

Our research panels are appropriately representative of the universe of end-user enterprises that benefit from Information Technology and distributed in Italy and in the various manufacturing sectors.

2. Italian IT Demand
We survey intentions and investment priorities of Italian “big spender”

We conduct our field research involving the “big spender” Italian decision-makers. Thus, we provide our Customers with original and accurate information on the IT Demand on the Italian market.

3. Emerging Trends
Cybersecurity, AI, Industry 4.0, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Marketing Automation

We research the IT Budget size, the main investment areas and related priorities, the main suppliers characteristics, the actors involved in the organizational structure, the innovation projects for the next 2 years

4. A 12 Months Timeframe
A time horizon of at least 12 months ahead of the interview date

We ask our panel of respondents to provide us with evidence on budgets, intentions and investment priorities in the perspective of the next 12 or 24 months from survey date.

Business view and high profile of respondents: an added value for our research

Numbers from the years 2015-2017


CIOs and CxOs of Top and Medium-Large enterprises joined in surveys conducted in collaboration with CIONET Italia.


Research topics: Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Cloud Computing, Big Data & Analytics, Business Platform, Smart Manufacturing, Marketing Automation.


CIOs and CxOs in Europe members CIONET community joined the first research panel on “Digital Transformation”.


Focus Groups conducterd on behalf of one Client for a qualitative research on “Digital Transformation in Italy” from CIOs.


Panels of CIOs and CxOs panels set up for primary research in collaboration with CIONET Italia.


CIOs and CxOs of Ttop and Medium-Large enterprises from the community of CIONET Italia participated at the works of the 5 Focus Groups dedicated to 5 emerging technologies.