Manage the complex of the software is a problem that afflict the majority of the biggest Italian organizations, because of that NEXTVALUE has conducted this survey during January 2018 to a Panel composed of 80 IT Decision-Makers , in collaboration with AXIOMA and HOLON, with the objective to reveal the adoption trends of Open Source technologies in Italy, the investment priorities, the benefits and the risks perceived by the Top and Big-Medium end-user companies and even the dynamics of the market development of the Java Open Source platforms.


The Open Source tool is not anymore for only a little number of users with a controlled impact for no-mission critical processes for the Italian enterprises. At the contrary, the Open Source solutions are more useful for guide the innovation processes of the operations core and also their adoption in mission-critical processes is prevailing.

“…the Open Source is observed as an alternative tool for the software management, not only reducing the costs but even guaranteed an easy reduction of the costs, no necessary asking permissions and without a consistent amount of money…”


Survey available only in Italian conducted in collaboration with:

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The survey is conducted by NEXTVALUE during January 2018 looking into a panel composed by 80 IT Decision-makers in Top and Big-Medium end-user companies.

The research Panel

The research panel is stratified for enterprises dimension and for market segment representing in this way the end-user companies universe that is in the Information Technology field with a sufficient and relevant Budget, distributed geographically in different productive sectors.

Who is the target?

The targets of the survey and the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) in terms of Top and Big-Medium companies and the IT Manager for enterprises below the panel proposed. This choice is relevant for the selected key-figure which has a “cross function” in all the company’s sector and it is able to respond with the maximum punctuality even on the investments and on the IT project finalized for other Functions.

We would like to thank all the participants of the survey which have answered to the survey with an extreme proactivity accepting to respond to the questionnarie proposed online.

In addiction, other Greetings not only for the dedicated time to us, but even for the suggestions and the useful tips for improve our work.




 IT Decision makers of end-user companies


 Targets: the CIO & the COO


Proactivity Matrix


Growing Software area