The Social Media Age

Barack Obama, the first President to adopt Twitter for its first presidential campaign 4 years ago has been praised back by social media. How? The sentiment analysis of the Voices from the Blogs  has correctly predicted Obama’s victory in 9 out of 11 swing states, analyzing more than 40,000 tweets in the last month of political campaign. Traditional survey polls have predicted the victory of Obama only in Ohio.

The interesting thing is observing how social media have become pervasive in everyday life in so far as voters, from one side, and politicians, on the other side, are comfortable to talk to each other on these user-friendly platforms.

Politics is just one of the fields in which social media have a pivotal role, but it seems that the real value behind this phenomena has not still been perceived and exploited by companies.

The resistance towards a change of paradigm and the difficulty in calculating the effects of social media on ROI result in the resilience of CEOs towards the implementation of these new channels within their companies. We have tried to graphically illustrate the situation in the following infographic you can find below.

For more details see the full report “Enterprise Social Media Adoption Study”.


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