Over the Cloud

Alfredo Gatti

by  Alfredo Gatti

In Italy people think that Cloud Computing is embraced just by small and medium companies, while abroad the situation is completely different. Big companies in our country find it hard to appreciate the advantages of the public cloud such as the Public Administration that as a consequence does not invest in it.

NEXTVALUE has been dedicating a specific research program for four years now on the adoption of Cloud Computing services by Top companies in our country. The anticipations of the results of the last survey on the topic are surprising. One year ago, in fact, security and privacy represented for CIOs an obstacle against cloud computing, today only 52% of CIOs continue to see in them a threat. We can add to this point the fact that also the Information Security Management adopts SaaS services. Much more important, for the 67% of CIOs who submitted the survey, seems to be the integration between cloud computing and the existing IT. What is interesting is that many of the problems that in the past were perceived as obstacles by big companies now are solved by providers: Firstly security, then management and control of data, and lastly the flexibility of their contracts.

Many of the CIOs interviewed feel themselves already over the cloud till the point that they assert that the real Cloud is the public one that in the enterprise world is taking a foothold.

Other interesting observations come from those who have already implemented cloud computing for flexibility purposes and not just for cost savings reasons. In fact, the contracts offered on the market are not particularly advantageous and ROI derives from the scalability and flexibility of Cloud Computing services to adapt to business processes. On the other hand, vendors mainly offer cloud solutions to big companies symptom that the over the cloud ones will continue to grow in the next years.

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