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Assintel Report 2013 – The Information Technology in a hyperconnected world

In a time dominated by economic and political turbulence in Italy, technological innovation plays a vital role. Innovation becomes the prerequisite for sustaining the economic growth and for the beginning of a new cycle of prosperity.

The Assintel Report 2013 shows how the evolution of the main technologies has transformed the business, the enterprise, the investments on the Offer System and the habit of the consumer.

What is surprising is the speed with which these technological advances are changing the market and business models. Just think the amount of data produced in the world doubles every 20 months, the number of people connected to Internet exceeds 12 billion and that the payments made by mobile exceed a trillion dollars. While these trends become ” Mainstream “, here appear others.

We think that these 10 are the main trends:

–  Mobile Internet

– Social

– Big Data and Business Analytics

– Internet of “Things”

– “as a Service”

– Know – How

– Robot

– 3D Printing

– “on – demand” and Digital Marketing

– E-commerce

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