#TREND1: Internet Mobile

Who haven’t got a mobile device ?

More than 2.2 billion people today use smartphones and tablets . The rapid adoption of these tools shows that the mobile Internet is not only a way to navigate online: now there is no action that can find a solution in a corresponding App.

Despite appearances, the Internet Mobile is still very far from having developed its full potential. Just think of the opportunity for growth represented by the real possibility that three billion people will become mobile within ten years.

In this scenario, there are four forces that redefine the Mobility: convergence , ubiquity , transparency and extended reality.

Our mobile phone is the best example of convergence. It represents our digital identities , it is our clock, our camera , our agenda. It won’t be long that it will become our new doctor and our new digital identity card.

The user interface changes, we have gone from click to the touch and soon, the voice , gestures and location-based services will make us forget about having a screen interface.

The consumption of media content and entertainment through mobile devices had taken customers from traditional broadcasters, that’s why , enterprises cannot  be called out of the race of Mobility.

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