Are we ready?

A customer revolution is under way. With buyers privy to more information, more access and more choice than ever, lower prices and better products have become little more than minimum requirements.

How can a business distinguish itself?

Some visionary companies like Apple, Lexus and have overcome prices and features to create compelling and fulfilling customer experiences, they have rewritten the rules of customer relationships by leveraging every touch point and interaction to create an experience that is meaningful, convenient, and even fun. They’ve embraced the customer revolution and are raising customer expectations for every other business.   
That approach can lead to greater loyalty and revenues. Recent surveys report that consumers are willing to spend more on a product or service if they feel a personal connection to the company and they would pay more if they felt the company put the customer first. 
The good news is that you don’t have to be a multibillion-dollar company with global brand recognition to deliver a personalized customer experience. You should make sure you’re shifting your technology and strategies to address the customer revolution putting an emphasis on building a connected, unique customer experience for every person with whom you do business. It starts with listening to the ways customers and prospects are interacting with you — whether it’s on your website, in your mobile app, via email or SMS, or in your store and then using these behaviors to fuel real-time communications and content unique to each individual. Are we ready?

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