Continuous Delivery and DevOps: ALM innovation and integration

This Custom Insight covers the subjects of  the so-called “software factory” and of Application Lifecycle Management, a crucial theme for the majority of CIOs as fundamental practice for innovation processes.
Team efficiency and productivity are still the main reasons to adopt new ALM tools and practices, especially when they are based on brand new environments and technology. In the meantime, Cloud Computing, the developments around Data,and Mobile Applications are pushing noy only new canons, as provided by Agile methodologies, but they are also in need of a more efficient time to market and ROI of the entire application lyfecycle process, from development to release.
For a long time, ALM has been considered a mere IT internal factor, whereas now the rules of the game are constantly changing: Digital Transformation is bursting within organizations and it is also involving the company business. No development team or R&D department is excluded and Chief Information Officers are deeply engaged on decisions that belongs to their division or their investments.
This Insight explores in collaboration with Serena Software some of these issues, by highlighting real cases and success stories useful for everyone who is motivated by the logics of continuous improvement and the new sourcing processes and mechanisms for their “software factory”.

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