Custom Insight_Workspace as a Service: a revolution of the way of working

We are all a bit more consumers even when we are at work. We never stop to be consumer, and increasingly we would like our workplace to be more and more part of a unique and broader lifestyle, thus we would prefer that the choice of our computing tools is determined to increase our efficiency and to produce more comfortable and pleasant situations and experiences.
The “digital” workspace brings many significant benefits to the employee-consumer. First, it offers the opportunity to explore new styles and methods of working, such as crowdsourcing, social networking, job sharing, the immediate sharing of information, etc. .; in other words it is possible to improve the individual productivity and involvement and the flexibility of the workforce, and moreover to accumulate, share and reuse experience. However, the heart of the matter is that the digital workspace ensures a clearer return on investment in technology, to improve the sharing of best practices and to attract and retain the best talents.
One year ago, we published our Insight sponsored by Unisys Corporation and its partners on the situation of end-user computing in Italy and its development projects in major companies, and today we return on the subject, always thanks to Unisys.
The traditional gap between workspace and private life computing draws reason from cultural, safety and compliance factors. However, in light of many new facts, such as the evolution of Bring Your Own Device or the development of Apps within the business environment, the context must be revised and that is what we are going to do in this Custom Insight, thanks also to the experience of Unisys and to successful cases of its customers.

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