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In 2015, the sector of Hardware, Technical Support and Maintenance reached 8,238 million euros, remaining nearly even with 2014 with only a decrease of -0,8%.
Important areas with opposing growth dynamics converge in this sector. Indeed, while the trend of steep decline sharpens in the traditional areas of Hardware, Technical Support and Maintenance, fated to suffer the effects of decline and investments in “on premises” capital accounts determined by the establishment of infrastructure services and platforms offered in Cloud Computing, today also in the area of Appliances we find a -0.8% decrease, even with Smartphones still positive, although being commodity products, and with a slight recovery of PCs and notebooks.
The performances of the main components of the Italian Hardware market are shown in Figure below.

On a macro level, we divide the entire Hardware sector into two fundamental macro-constituents, “on premises” IT Infrastructure and Systems, forming the platforms which provide applications and services and all the end points using them or generating data for them: the Appliances, more than ever dominated by mobile devices and objects connected using the IP protocol. The services of Technical Assistance and Maintenance complete the picture. For reason of continuity, we consider them part of this sector rather than the IT service.

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