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The relevance of Cybersecurity in Italian companies

The use of technologies in response to the risk of cyber-attacks has brought the investment in Cybersecurity of the Italian organizations to 1.224 million euros, with a growth of +6,1% compared to 2015.

The Italian Cybersecurity landscape bears similarities with the rest of world, seeing a rapid evolution of attacks made by criminal and political organizations.
Protecting corporate borders is not sufficient when the world around is interconnected. The amount of information that companies have to manage and protect is huge and in a continued growth. It is clear that for organizations is fundamental to outline a good risk management strategy.

Our business community of CISOs and CSOs says that the 54 % of Top Companies adopt an Information Security Strategy and the 41% of respondents combines a specific strategy related to Cybersecurity. Smaller organizations as well are starting to recognize the growing importance of Cybersecurity.

Although many different sources affirm that the attack origins are external and made by criminal associations, CISOs and CSOs show the fear that these risks are mostly originated from internal partners or collaborators. Thus, the presence of a professional with legal and digital skills is necessary, but also of specific figure who possess right capabilities in managing risk and analyzing business processes.

We can say that Cybersecurity is gradually becoming a business practice Because the process of digital transformation saw a growing increase in the estimate of threats.
Even if currently only big companies with international exposure called signed for a cyber-risk policy, over time also the midsize ones will begin to realize the risks.

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