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Cybersecurity is one of Digital Enabler projects with high frequency values in the investments portfolio of our panel for the next 12 months.

In particular, Cybersecurity projects are always present with an incidence between 13% to 17% in bundle with other projects as Customer Journey, Mobile Enterprise, Cloud Computing SaaS e IoT with equal priority to 5, that is what declares the panel of 1000 end-user companies in response to our research “Ricerca sulla Domanda IT in Italia 2016″.

Technology Innovation Projects help companies to adapt their business to market changes, but at the same time threats coming from cyber space are growing: a big quantity of value information is dematerialized and exposed to risk of theft, fraud and targeted attacks.

Big Data and Advanced Analytics, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things are examples of situations where companies have to manage and protect business information that are in a continued growth. The use of technology as a business strategy transforms a technology risk in a strategic risk.

For this reason, security must not only be embedded in IT practices, it has to become a business practice. Digital transformation is more predisposed to hacker attacks and companies are in danger especially when managing a lot of information.

One of the risks for the future is the theft of the amount of information generated from interconnected objects, but also the theft of personal data of users that companies who have created devices have to store and manage. Examples of sensitive data are personal information about health, behaviours and life style of thousands of people. It is not difficult to imagine how substantial the monetary value of these sensitive data for criminal hackers.

The success of any organization will depend on its capability of reinforcing the trust of its customers, who pretend full protection of their privacy and their sensitive data made safe thanks to protected information systems. Even if and given that these systems are interconnected with the new digital world.

To learn more visit the website www.assintelreport.it: the Digital Platform of IT in Italy and start your research with the Focus “Cybersecurity”.

Figure 01 Projects of Cybersecurity with equal priority to 5:Fig 40 ex 41_Cyber
SOURCE: NEXTVALUE© | Ricerca sulla Domanda IT in Italia, 2016