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As mentioned in previous articles, Cybersecurity projects are always present with an incidence of 13% in bundle with other projects of Mobile Enterprise with equal priority to 5, that is what declares the panel of 1000 end-user companies participating to our research “Ricerca sulla Domanda IT in Italia 2016″.

The spread of Mobile as an autonomous and independent channel from traditional desktop it is now a widespread reality.

IT Directors composing our panel mostly consider Mobility and other BYOD initiatives as both an opportunity and a risk. An employee who has access to company information and applications at all times, everywhere and through multiple tools, without exposing information and applications to risks, is an important result for Corporate IT and for the company itself.

However, it is difficult to manage risks when a large quantity of information and applications are located on employees’ personal devices, without rules. This can cause immediate and serious damage to the business.

For example, mobile users frequently use file synchronization technologies on SaaS services to overcome the memory and storage capability limitations of devices such as smartphones or tablets. Often, these files are placed in non-managed environments, weaker in the area of security and governance.

Technological tools enabling Smart Working as Mobile or Cloud Computing increase work flexibility and productivity but at the same time, the extension of company virtual boundaries increases the probability of criminal attacks. Smartphones and other mobile devices, in particular with open platforms such as Android, have become the new target of cyber attacks.

In many companies, the adoption of solutions as Bring Your Own Device brought to develop specific strategies as Mobile Application Management and Mobile Device Management. If companies want to increase productivity, they will adopt instruments that increase the overall corporate risk. This is the reason why it is important to create a safe environment.

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