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Cyber attacks: what are the main reasons?


Cybersecurity has come in our life with vehemence and wondering why it is so important right now is quite limiting. In Italy, the 2017 has opened with the news of cyber attacks made by Russia to Farnesina, as declared by the British newspaper The Guardian, attacks of which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed the existence, but of which the Russian Government has denied the presence.

According to preliminary advances of the Global Risk Report 2017, following the usual annual event of the World Economic Forum in Davos, the theft or fraud of data and cyber attacks have placed respectively in fifth and sixth place in the list of top ten risks to occurrence in 2016.

As for companies, the 2016 was also the year where in the USA, Yahoo has suffered what will prove to be the most important computer attack ever, in particular for the number of hacked accounts: one billion.

Why a company is under attack? It is one of the questions that we have post to our Panel for the Insight “Cybersecurity in Italia. What’s next” of 2017.

The 52% declares that one of the main reasons is the economic one. The increasing popularity of Ransomware, of which CryptoLocker  represents form 2013 the most famous exponent, has increased the attention in our country, after several cases spread across different organizations by size and industry belonging, and contributed to increase the interest in Cybersecurity also in the realities that are less likely to the Digital Innovation.

There is fear also about the industrial espionage (47%), there is distrust of competition, but also of hacktivists (37%), whose attack is tied to ideological motivations. The percentages about political motivations or cyber terrorism are low.

Figure 07 Reasons of a Cyber attack

D: What cloud be the reasons behind a cyber attack aimed at his company?

% of respondents, multiple choice

Grafico Colonne Orizzontali Figura 07-01Source: ©NEXTVALUE I INSIGHT “Cybersecurity in Italia. What’s next”, January 2017


How many attacks have been completed successfully exposed their company?

The members of our Panel often do not declare the number of suffered attacks, but at the same time they explain the reasons of these ones. We take for granted that every organization has suffered at least one attack.

We expect to see how things will change with the entry into force of GDPR, the regulation which provides for notification to the authority of a data breach that pose a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals within 72 hours of its detection.

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