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AI: Artificial Intelligence enters the factory

Thanks to the “Industry 4.0” paradigm, the convergence between Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT) systems is becoming increasingly important. The potential for applying some emerging technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (Smart Manufacturing) also increases.

These include, for example, predictive analysis and automatic data learning to optimize machine-to-machine production and production facilities, or predictive maintenance of machinery and components, always by analyzsng the generated data and thanks to platforms directly available in Cloud Computing.

To develop a comprehensive and targeted offer to their customers, several “Traditional” companies have acquired start-ups company that develop targeted solutions in this field.

General Electric (GE) signed important agreements in the last quarter of 2016, such as the acquisition of start-ups like Bit Stew Systems, which is focused on developing Machine Learning and Real-time analytics, promising quick integration between information and operational systems. Not for nothing, Bit Stew reference sectors are the world of Manufacturing, Utility and Aviation.

Wise.io represents another important acquisition for GE, a company which develops Advanced Machine Learning solutions with industrial application.

Investments in Computer Vision, or Artificial Vision, are also on the rise. The applications of Artificial Vision span from to robot orientation, position and guidance, to the acknowledgment of defects and compliance tolerances in production processes.

Artificial Intelligence also promises advancements in this area, and companies like Intel firmly believe in its potential.

To prove this are the acquisitions dating to 2017 of companies as Movidius, a specialist in Deep Learning technology and applied AI, including the development of artificial vision chips called Itseez, whose computer vision algorithms find particular application in the IoT World.

Along with key technologies such as Robotics, Advanced Manufacturing Solution and Industrial Internet
Things, Artificial Intelligence officially enters the factory, towards the creation of a single system for production and information sharing.