Big Data & Analytics 2015



The use of the analysing technologies and management of the Big Data are not only for revive and accelerate the prediction’s analyzation but, as a fact, it introduces new and relevant factors and disruptive elements in a discipline, as Business Analytics, considered stable since a not long time ago. In particular, the principal interest of our research is for the Analytics’ categories which can analyse every type of data, structured or not and using sophisticate quantitative approaches for obtain more detailed vision that it’s not possible to guarantee the same quality with the Business Intelligence traditional methods. The adoption and the use of the Advanced Analytics and the Big Data from the companies it’s possible in different ways, with the direct use and the “on premises” of analysing platforms, and with the indirect use of specific services offered by specialized societies and/or with the use of the services in SaaS modality. The growing demand and the analysing ability overcome the availability of the professional profiles and the upgraded competences, also is requests for the companies the capacity to attract and maintain the best talented profiles.


The growing interest in the adoption of Advanced and Predictive Analytics closely relates to the recognition of their ability to improve the business performance of companies. Such initiatives are increasingly present in the innovation programs of Italian companies and our research offers a detailed analysis of the market and trends of adoption by Top and Large Enterprises in Italy. The analysis carried out so far show Advanced and Predictive and Big Data Analytics initiatives are present in the 48% of cases in the innovation programs of Italian Large Enterprises, engaged in the development of multipurpose strategies to address the multiple needs of access, analysis and data management. However, we want to highlight how prevailing feedbacks indicates that most of the companies are still in an early stage of maturity to dominate these technologies and implement analytical solutions to optimize operational and strategic decisions.




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