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With this Insight and thanks to Area Etica we continue our journey towards datacenter transformation supporting businesses innovation projects.

How many critical decisions has to take an IT service provider that wants to move its delivery model into cloud-based services?
Where do you start?
Are customers ready to understand this shift?

The Area Etica case is pivotal also on this topic: the best way for a provider to move to the Cloud not solely depends on long-term goals, but also from where are you starting and where do you want to go.

At first, Cloud services can be justified in seeking an alternative channel to present themselves to the most advanced clients, but soon Cloud version takes over, especially if those who propose these services have the foresight to operate within an ecosystem that can offer synergies.

In this new game, knowing how to preserve and improve the value added of each component, proposing convincing and competitive SLAs, demonstrating the overall ROI is fundamental. This is what Area Etica is doing, backed up by its own strength in articulating new services and by being part of Oracle Cloud ecosystem.

After the first uncertain customers, today services such as Cloud DB Administration are “normal” for the company and attract the interest not only of end customers, but also of other subjects of the ecosystem, which find advantageous to combine their offerings with Area Etica, rather than wasting time replicating it.

This is another Cloud advantage: when a service is successful, proposed occasions multiply. The Area Etica case also reflects a cultural change that businesses has to implement “first”, in autonomous and rational fashion, and not because of the pressures due to the dreaded Cloud disruptive effects. On this particular point, Area Etica was a forerunner and we like companies, even small ones, which know how to look forward.

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