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“Today, rethinking the digital strategy of our company means going beyond the eCommerce and marketing, the opportunity comes from the use of digital technologies, social media and contextbased services, which allow you to have more opportunities to get in touch with consumers, to know their tastes, needs, etc.”

All these new connections are possible today and we have the opportunity to develop a new kind of user experience across all contact channels. Technologies facilitate the creation of context and empathy, but do not produce by itself engagement, loyalty and trust. The strong message that our panel send us is that yes, it is possible to achieve a more genuine and authentic user-experience, which can increase the ROI of marketing activities, both in case the company is an early or late digital adopter. This assertion is true as long  as the Marketing continuously work to keep up with new trends and, above all, to provide engaging content and seamless experiences.

The customer journey means continuous experimentation, merging technology and content, context and empathy and who hold these skills has a strong advantage. Our Insight wants to explore all this and begin to take notice of what is to come in terms of best practices and digital technologies.

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