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Cybersecurity has come in our life with vehemence and wondering why it is so important right now is quite limiting.

The pervasive use of technologies and tools enabling Digital Transformation impacts on every business aspects and Cyber Risk requires a management strategy shared by executive directors.How many times do you read statements like this? Probably often, but reality could be different.In many companies and organizations, Cyber Risk falls within Operational Risks: the continuity of business may be at risk, accompanied by an economically serious loss, but without the perception of the consequent damage impacting on revenues or on capital.

However, Cyber Risk goes beyond securing information systems. How Information Technology can respond to business threats caused by geopolitical events or legislative changes? What does it mean in terms of brand and reputation to be subjected to a cyber-attack? What are the gaps and the points of weakness of the defense system? How the critical areas for business continuity can be protected? The companies of our panel are posing themselves these questions with insistence, but also with different reactions, as shown in this Insight.

The Insight is available in italian only.

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