Assintel Report 2015


At the completion of this Report, the most optimistic growth forecasts for Italy’s GDP in 2015 are +0.8%. Although the economic growth of our country is in fact very modest, business confidence has generally grown compared to 2014, and, more relevantly, despite the embargo put on Russia and the sharp depreciation of the Chinese currency, the Italian export seems to hold its position. The stalemate of investments, including IT ones, is slowly reversing gear. As we have seen by the results of the research associated with the Report, the intensity and the speed of adoption of technologies for innovation grounds for cautious optimism, despite a non-homogenous landscape. For instance, many companies are the most active in terms of innovation because of their dependence on exports and their growing exposure to competition in foreign markets, as well as many organizations are committed to designing policies improving the proximity to customers/consumers or the transformation of their production processes.

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The edition of this year about the ASSINTEL REPORT we have think about how it’s important mantain an high attention to the people which work in the software and IT services fields of country, that’s why, we have put some “gaming” in this argument that could be too serious, indeed we prupose after a few months the 10 closing-question about the Report of the previous year to the Assintel’s associates to an higher audience of operators of the market.

HERE THE RESULTS (available only in italian)

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